Pure botanicals, essences & marine algae, sourced globally from boutique & artisan suppliers – pure, potent, beautiful. ANIA designs have a particular love for rare & precious oils of flowers.
Unique processes combining artisanal aromatology & green chemistry, to preserve precious botanicals & enhance product performance. All products are made in ANIA’s purpose-built Australian laboratory.
Drawing on traditional healing wisdom, high vibrational oils & botanicals in rituals designed to promote harmony & radiance – nourishing skin, emotions & spirit.

Performance Energetic Organic Skin Care

ANIA is an Australian Company creating Organic luxury skincare, spa treatments and rituals for spas and wellness retreats.  ANIA’s polestar is supporting the skin, and person in their most radiant – LUMINOUS, WHOLE, TRUE.
ANIA fuses French-style aromatology, green chemistry and high-vibrational phyto-extracts to deliver an energetic medicine that uses skincare as its modality.

Pure aromatics of precious flowers from the finest distillers are couched in performance elixirs with some of the worlds’ most coveted anti-aging, rejuvenating, protective and anti-oxidant ingredients.
Designed as highly effective skin care and as a holistic and nurturing experience, ANIA create spa rituals to balance, reduce stress & promote radiance, working in harmony with the skin to draw on the body’s own ability to heal and regenerate.


Love for the grace & ritual of self-care practices, and intuition, guided the development of ANIA. The products are designed for a wholly encompassing sensorial experience – whether at a wellness retreat or rituals to book end ones’ day.

All manufacturing is performed in ANIA’s own laboratory in Sydney, allowing all the time & space required to carry out these intensive & meticulous processes.
Details of the full professional spa range are available upon request.